Jovian Wars

Jovian Wars is an anime-inspired fleet combat game for supremacy in our Solar system. After a period of turmoil on Earth, CEGA (the Central Earth Government and Administration) has solidified its power at home. Now it sets its sights on the rest of the system.

The Jovian colonies around Jupiter had grown particularly strong in the interim, fuelled in part by industrious refugees from Earth’s conflicts. The Jovian Confederation is the natural target for CEGA’s expansion, as well as the strongest champion against CEGA conquest.


The Solar system’s greatest powers close inevitably in the Jovian Wars:


CEGA badge

In the late 21st century, Earth was plunged into chaos and its colonies lost contact with their mother planet. What little information the colonies discovered pointed to war and atrocities on an unprecedented scale. They realised that must survive without support from their home. No one expected when Earth re-established contact just a century later with the powerful Central Earth Government and Administration at the fore.

Before they even gained control over all of Earth’s warring regions, CEGA moved to regain control of their orbitals and moon colonies. They declared themselves a superpower and set about planning their dominance of the Solar System.

Jovian Confederation

Jovian Confederation badge

The Jovian colonies began as gas mining facilities, but the Fall of Earth changed all that; refugees fled as far from Earth’s troubles as they could, and that furthest place was Jupiter. These industrious new arrivals made a prosperous state from the fledgeling colonies. The people adapted to living so far from the sun.

The colonies at Jupiter itself make up only one third of the Jovian Confederation. The remaining two Trojan States are centred around asteroids in Jupiter’s orbit. Their distance from Jupiter itself has necessitated a strong military to protect all of Jovian territory and dissuade foreign aggression; the Jovians have made many advances that their neighbours nearer the sun covet. With the rise of CEGA, their decision to create a strong armed forces has now proved to be a wise one.


Venus badge

Venus is a world of mystery, with secrets hidden in the clouds of poisonous gas on it’s surface. The Venus Bank downplays its control over the planet’s council and its puppet-strings to CEGA, but they are there.

The Venusians protect their interests across the Solar system with a secret armada of disguised warships. Only their smallest vessels are openly armed; the rest appear as civilian ships until their weapon pods open and it’s too late! Their Exo-armors and fighters are amongst the most advanced available, using stealth technology not seen elsewhere. Together they represent a lethal combination that opposing admirals should fear.


Jovian Wars Beta Rules PDF

The current version of the Jovian Wars rules are available here in online and pdf formats.

You can also get the original rules pack on DriveThruRPG which includes everything you need to try out the game except 6-sided dice – ship & squadron counters, tokens and a turning template.

We anticipate the finished hardcopy rulebook will be available in late 2022.