2022 Release Schedule

2022 Release Schedule

Based on the latest information we’ve had from Dream Pod 9, here’s the release schedule we can expect throughout 2022.

Please note, some of these release dates may have to change due to shipping problems or other unforseen circumstances. We’ll update this 2022 release schedule with any new announcements or changes.


Dream Pod 9 have retired the 3rd Edition Rulebook, Small Format 3rd Edition Rulebook and Force Compendium at this point.

This is the existing 3rd Edition 2 Player Starter Box with a Small Format Version 3.1 rulebook replacing the previous 3rd Edition Rulebook. As this is a much thicker volume that removes the need for the Force Compendium, there is a corresponding price increase. Dream Pod 9 has retired the previous versions of these boxes (DP9-9350 & DP9-9367).



** This will replace the current C.E.F./P.A.K. GREL Infantry 2 Squads and 1 Team Pack (DP9-CEFIN).

October & Everything After