Shiny Games are proud to offer the Heavy Gear Blitz and Jovian Wars games from Dream Pod 9 to retailers in the United Kingdom and European market. Both game worlds have a rich history in the tabletop gaming community spanning over 20 years; Heavy Gear has also inspired two computer games (now with a third, Heavy Gear Assault, in development) and a cartoon. These vibrant worlds, coupled with unique and dynamic game systems, make these must-have game products in your store.

Heavy Gear Blitz!

Band together to battle the Colonial Expeditionary Forces of Earth and defend Terra Nova – or become one of the invaders!

Our games - Heavy Gear Blitz - Perfect Storm

Jovian Wars – coming soon!

Dynamic, anime-inspired fleet battles for dominance of our Solar System – coming to the UK very soon!

Our games - Jovian Wars - Jovian Fleet in action