May Releases: Peace River Reinforcements

May Releases: Peace River Reinforcements

This month, we have four new Heavy Gear releases available now, all for the Peace River faction. These Peace River reinforcements represent an assortment of different unit types that highlight the ‘combined arms’ nature of Heavy Gear Blitz! We have a Gear 2-pack, a Strider, a light tank 2-pack and an aircraft.

Jackal Two Pack | Heavy Gear Blitz

The Jackal Two Pack introduces a trooper Gear similar to the Warrior, but is more suited to melee combat as well as being airdroppable. It also has a Melee Specialist upgrade that wields an axe, as well as an option with a rotary laser. As this is a two pack, players can use it to field both!

Uhlan Strider | Peace River, Heavy Gear Blitz!

The Uhlan Strider is a huge unit, often called the “walking pill-box”. This Gear Strider bristles with Anti-Gear weaponry and has very heavy armour, making it extremely durable on the battlefield.

Mameluk Two Pack Packaging | Heavy Gear Blitz!

The Mameluk Two Pack includes two light tanks to support Peace River infantry units. They carry either a Light Autocannon or Rocket Pod and a Heavy Machine Gun to challenge Gears in combat.

Black Wind Stealth VTOL Packaging | Heavy Gear Blitz!

The Black Wind Stealth VTOL is an advanced Stealth aircraft capable of designating targets or taking them out directly while remaining a hard target itself.

These reinforcements will give Peace River players plenty of options to expand their Heavy Gear forces in different directions. They could include air support, heavy Gear Striders or light armour; alternatively, they could double-down on their Heavy Gear options with Jackals.