Our first Which Exo? article takes a look at CEGA‘s faithful interceptor, the Syreen.

History & Background

When CEGA explored out from the newly conquered Earth and encountered Jovian Exo-Armors, they quickly realised they needed a counter to this new technology. The CEA-01 Syreen was the results of their work and CEGA’s first Exo.

Although the Jovian’s were using four-limbed humanoid Exos, the Syreen was kept simple to get it into service quickly; the bottom half was based on an old orbital transfer vehicle (OTV), while only the top half was fundamentally humanoid so it could protect itself in close combat with enemy Exos. The bottom half of the Exo being one large thruster gives it plenty of speed compared to it’s leg-equipped allies and opponents.

The name Syreen came from initial testing scenarios in the Asteroid Belt, where the Exos used their ECM pods to lure targets to their doom, like the mythological bird-like Sirens.


The main weapon of the Syreen is the Active Close Defence Laser System (ACDLS), a four-lens laser weapon. As well as being an effective ranged armament, it automatically targets enemies close by, providing effective melee defence. It also carries a total of twelves missiles – in three different sizes – along its ‘arms’ for extra punch. Finally it has a retractable pincer beneath the armoured shell of each arm, although these probably make more effective manipulators than weapons.


The Commander model is the only variation of the standard Syreen; there’s an ECM pod on the back of its head (which Jovian Wars represents with each squadron having the ECM:1 trait).

Current Service

Although still in service with CEGA, the Syreen has now been supplanted in most combat roles by newer designs. It continues to see use for patrol duty and police actions.

Patrolling the Settlements | 3 Syreens flying over a colony cylinder
Patrolling the Settlements

The Syreen in Jovian Wars

Jovian Wars Syreen Squadron
Jovian Wars Syreen Squadron

In Jovian Wars, the Syreen represents a cheap and effective interceptor unit for the CEGA fleet. Their 7″ movement gives them plenty of range on the battlefield. While there are faster Fighter units that can more easily get into a defensive position on the battlefield, of all CEGA forces only the Syreen has the Interceptor trait. This allows Syreen interceptors to ensure they hit first in dog fights and gives them the chance to get an early upper-hand before the enemy can retaliate.

Their Beam Projector is a solid primary weapon and the Anti-Squadron Missiles provide a useful backup against enemy squadrons. They have limited capabilities against enemy capital ships, which is even more reason to focus them on enemy squadrons and let your other Exos or Fighters take a shot at the larger vessels.

Their Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) are probably not much use against Jovian Squadrons, most of which have Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM). However, the heaviest Jovian bombers (Lancer Bombers and Vindicators) do not have ECCM; if they are unescorted, ECMs can limit their sensor ranges if you decide not to engage them directly.


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