Jovian Wars – July Release in UK & Europe

Jovian Wars – July Release in UK & Europe

Shiny Games is extremely pleased to be responsible for the distribution of Jovian Wars by Dream Pod 9 in the United Kingdom and Europe. These fantastic new models will be released via retail from July 2020 and available to preorder before the end of June.

Jovian Wars is a fleet combat game set in our own Solar system during the early 23rd Century. While the capital ships are the main element of your fleet, managing the fighters and humanoid Exo-Armor that they carry into battle is crucial to victory. The game uses six-sided dice and rather than having to roll high or low as in most wargames, players must roll doubles, triples or even quadruples of any number to be successful.

The current range includes 36 capital ship and 27 squadron models across three different fleets. These include the pioneering Jovians, the dominating CEGA from Earth and the shadowy navy of the mysterious Venusian Bank. Dream Pod 9 plans to add additional fleets for Mercury and the Martian factions later in the year. The capital ships are 1/4000 scale, while the squadrons are 1/1000; each squadron model features three Exo-Armor or fighter models on a single base.

Jovian Wars shares the Jovian Chronicles setting with previous games from Dream Pod 9. These include the Jovian Chronicles Roleplaying Game which was first published in 1997. Prior to that, the people behind Dream Pod 9 wrote Jovian Chronicles setting books for R Talsorian’s Mekton roleplaying game. The setting is also inspired by Gundam and similar anime shows. Overall, the world of Jovian Chronicles is a ‘hard sci-fi‘ setting, representing a relatively realistic look at human life in space as we colonise our Solar system.

You can find out more about Jovian Wars and the range of models on our Jovian Wars page.